During the week of 15th – 19th May, outgoing teaching mobility was organized from IBC-M to VIKO (Vilnius, Lithuania). This visit falls under the ERASMUS+ staff exchange mobility project and the Lithuanian partner has hosted Professor Milan Veselinovic. Professor Veselinovic had a great experience participating in delivering lectures, workshops, and research sessions. During classes, interactive discussions with VIKO students took place concerning the topics such as Marketing Mix Concept and Market Segmentation. Besides this, professor Veselinovic was dedicated to developing different options for job shadowing in the future, cooperation comprehension, and project capacities in the future. All IBC-M staff used mobility exchanges to promote the IBC-M portfolio to different parties at various events. In addition, opportunities for networking between IBC-M and other HEIs had been extended. Generally, this was a great mobility experience that contributed to enriching the teaching methodology and skills of the IBC-M academic staff.