International Sales and Marketing Department

Get a comprehensive and diverse business education that will equip you with the practical skills in marketing, communications, management, entrepreneurship, and innovation that top regional and international employers are looking for. Offering a lively and dynamic learning experience, the International Sales and Marketing program will prepare you for a rewarding career in the sector of your choice.


Two different types of degree are offered by the Marketing & Management department:

  • Academy Profession (AP) degree in Marketing and Management (MM): 2 years (120 ECTS).
  • Bachelor degree in International Sales and Marketing (ISM): 3.5 years (210 ECTS)

Marketing and Management Department students receive diplomas from IBC-M and from Lillebaelt Academy in Denmark.

Course outline

General Semester

The first semester at IBCM is called the General Semester. You will take modules related to all three departments (Environmental & Agricultural Management, Marketing & Management, and Public Administration).

Please note: From 2016, new students must enroll on to one of the three programmes during the application process.

AP and Bachelor studies

Semester 2 (AP) Semester 3 (AP)

Strategic Marketing
Principles of Research Methodology & Market Research
Investment Theory and Finance
Financial Statement Analyses
Intercultural Communication & Organisational Behavior
Supply Chain Management and Logistics
International Trade Law
Principles of Entrepreneurship

Global Marketing
Sales and Negotiation
Budgeting and Optimizing Parameters
Project and Organization Development Management
Business Planning
Semester 4 (AP) Semester 5 (Bachelor)
Internship report
AP Thesis
Business Law
Management Accounting
Sales Force Management
Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology
B2B Sales and Marketing
Strategic Supply Chain Management
Semester 6 (Bachelor) Semester 7 (Bachelor)
Advanced Management Accounting
Managing Sales Organisation
Personal Selling
Advanced Supply Chain Management
Staff Development and Human Resource Management
Internship report
Bachelor Thesis

*Note – this is a sample course outline – actual units studied may vary.

Real work experience

IBC-M’s motto is “From Theory to Practice”, and by the time you graduate, you will have had the chance to use the knowledge you gained in the classroom in a real-world work setting. You have the flexibility to choose where you would like to complete your full-time internships, which last three months and are mandatory components of both the Academy Profession (AP) and Bachelor programmes. These internships are highly valued by employers and can often lead to a permanent role.

Career prospects

Career options include management, marketing and sales jobs in the private, public or non-profit sector. Opportunities are available in national, international or multi-national organizations. Some Marketing and Management graduates even go on to establish their own businesses.

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