IBC-M welcomes students from Amsterdam University College (AUC)

On 20th June, the International Business College Mitrovica held an online session with the students from Amsterdam University College (AUC). Every year, AUC organizes a field trip to Kosovo for a group of Bachelor students attending the Peace Lab Course. These field trips enable students to learn more about peacebuilding in Kosovo and about different social, political, and cultural perspectives. During interactive sessions with IBC-M students and staff, AUC students learned about IBC-M’s exclusive offer and about all benefits the college can offer to prospective students from all communities.

IBC-M students shared their experiences of studying at IBC-M in a special international and multicultural environment. Because of IBC-M’s unique placement in Mitrovica, meeting between AUC and IBC-M students has always been a very inspiring and important part of the Peace Lab course. It is always particularly valuable for the students from Amsterdam to meet their counterparts from Mitrovica and exchange knowledge and experiences.

IBC-M is thankful to Amsterdam students and the coordinator Professor Anna de Graaf for a nice virtual meeting and interactive discussion.