Under the umbrella of the ROAMING project, a study visit to The International University of Struga (IUST) in North Macedonia was organized on the 29th and 30th of May.  IBC-M team involved in the ROAMING project, 2 professors and 1 administrative staff member, participated in the workshops and training at IUST whose models have been introduced to 14 representatives of consortium partners from WB universities.

The aim of the study visit was to get familiar with the organizational structure and strategic framework of the university’s IRO in order to learn from the experience of a young but rapidly growing university that has established partnerships with a significant number of HEIs in both Europe and the US. The participants had the opportunity to get more information on the International Relations Office of the hosting university, including the type and range of projects accomplished under Erasmus+, selection procedures for students, inter-institutional agreements, and development strategies, but also limitations and barriers to faster internationalization.

Participants from WB universities expressed their commitment to further disseminate their learning at their home institutions through training, info sessions, and open discussions. Given that a combination of both academic and administrative staff participated in the study visits, best practice models can be transferred simultaneously to respective faculties at all levels.

The ROAMING project is directed to further enhancement of the office for internationalization at WB universities through capacity building in the field of internationalization and cooperation, as well as through the exchange of best practices between participating institutions.