IBC-M to begin Coalition for Higher Education Quality Assurance (CHEQA) project

IBC-M is delighted to announce the start of the Coalition for Higher Education Quality Assurance (CHEQA) project. The CHEQA project aims to improve networking of Kosovo’s Higher Education Institutions (HEI) through the creation of a sustainable model of interaction and establishing a  coalition of HEIs in Kosovo. The launch event will provide a discussion forum on how HEIs in Kosovo will collaborate in the future, and what are the key measures that this coalition could influence in the HE landscape in Kosovo.

CHEQA Project: Building transparency and integrity within HEIs in Kosovo.

As part of the CHEQA project IBC-M will cooperate with multiple stakeholders in the field of higher education in Kosovo to develop mechanisms that enhance transparency and integrity in HEIs. The workshop and discussion forum will provide an opportunity for interested parties to contribute to improving education in Kosovo. 

This project is supported by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS)