IBC-M is offering the opportunity for the Entry Exam for the academic year 2020/21 to be taken online during the ongoing closure of the college. A number of high school students have already applied and taken the entrance exam, while a number of students were preparing to take the exam prior to the closure of our campuses. Due to this interest, we will now be offering all potential IBC-M 2020/21 freshmen the opportunity to take this exam online. Over the coming days our admissions team will be in contact with those who have already applied to join IBC-M to arrange your entrance exam, while those who have completed the exam will be contacted with their results and to arrange an online interview – the next stage in the process. 


Those who not yet applied to study at IBC-M can do so here:https://forms.gle/SR8zphMUymgAc1gp6, and an online entrance exam will be arranged for you at the earliest opportunity. 


IBC-M also offers a Master of Science degree  in International Management & Leadership with a specialistion in Business or Environmental Management. To apply, click here:https://forms.gle/HBkdqh6EzjC29B7s9