Online Event: Mitrovica Environmental Forum and Research Platform

  Agenda   Online Event: Mitrovica Environmental Forum and Research Platform Date:    April 22nd, 2020 Time:    11:00 – 12:00 Online Platform: BlueJeans 11:00 – 11:10 Welcome Mihone Kerolli/ IBC-M College Director 11:10-11:30 Project’s achieved results and planned activities.   Presentations on: ·         Soil analysis ·         Water flow measurements ·         Air monitoring units ·         EMF…

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Internship Abroad

Finding an internship is not an easy task, especially if looking for something entirely related to marketing or sales in an international institution. Since the very beginning of my studies, I wanted to experience a good lifestyle and study abroad. Therefore, participating in an exchange semester in Denmark at UCL (University College Lillebaelt) and having…

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Student Life Abroad

Student life should be one of the most beautiful periods of life, but usually is spent around many books, when you need to remember all these small things that maybe you will not use later in life or work. But when you are a student of IBCM, it changes a lot, since you have many…

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Would you like to study abroad as part of your Bachelor degree?

At IBC-M we offer that opportunity to all our students! Our extensive network of educational partners, with institutions spread throughout Europe – Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Slovenia, the UK, Austria, Germany, Poland and North Macedonia, we offer students an excellent opportunity to experience living and learning abroad. Please see photographs attached from our…

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Are you learning online during school closures? How are you finding it? Tell us in the comments!

IBC-M’s English Academy has moved online with more than 25 students attending online lessons on Wednesday and Thursday evening. Online learning provides a great opportunity for students and professors to connect even during the current Coronavirus situation, and encourages new ways of thinking, engagement and delivery – we hope you all enjoyed this week’s lessons….

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Away from home and loved ones during the COVID-19 outbreak – how does that feel?

We hear from one of our students, Donjeta Pllana, who is currently undertaking an internship in Derry, Northern Ireland on what it is like to be away from home during this period, and the benefits and experience gained during her time working there.  Donjeta’s internship at the North West Regional College is made possible through…

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