On July 12th, IBC-M presented certificates to 70 students for successfully completing the English Language Program, a project within US Embassy English Language Support Grant 2018-2019.

The courses of this program were delivered within 2 phases. Phase I concentrated on building the knowledge of English Language and was delivered within two levels, Beginner and Intermediate level. The project targeted youth, working professionals and unemployed.

Phase II involved English for Specific purposes, equipping participants with the knowledge in marketing, agriculture, apiculture, reporting, business planning, and other requested topics.

The representatives of all groups presented their progress throughout the project, as well as additional activities, such as social responsibility projects and movie nights, were carried out. All participants agreed that the project benefited them on both language and subject level.

We are grateful to have three English professors, Megan Fisk, Lorida Sadiku and Stevan Vukadinović. The English professors worked hard and helped the students improve. We are also grateful to Prof. Djikic and Prof. Veselinovic who provided subject knowledge.

We thank the US Embassy for supporting and giving these students the opportunity to challenge and better themselves.