The IBC-M Summer English Academy finished this week on the 16th of July in the Riverside campus and 17th of July in the Riverview campus. Under the skilful lecturing of Dr Megan Fisk, the Head of the English Department, 40 students graduated and obtained certifications for successfully finishing the eight-week-long course.

During these two months, the students learned about leadership, stress management, teamwork and project planning. They did many discussions and workshops about the topics and developed their soft and hard skills.

All the lessons wrapped up with presentations made by nine groups of students. The students chose a problem facing young people, with topics ranging from increasing positive identity in youth and youth creativity, improving outdoor areas and activities, promoting social justice and equality, helping high school graduates in decision-making processes, and others. Afterwards, each group proposed a community-based solution for the problems of their interest.

Our director, Prof Dr Mihone Kerolli Mustafa, finished the last class with a motivational speech about choosing the right career path and informed the students about IBC-M and its opportunities.

The Summer English Academy was an attractive and educational course, which developed the students’ English speaking and writing skills. IBC-M was pleased to have such lively and smart students in its campuses.