Project name: IBC-M Mixed Students Environmental Research Project

Donor: US Embassy in Kosovo

Project duration: October 2018 – July 2019

Executive summary

Eight students from different ethnic backgrounds came together with IBC-M alumni researchers and IBC-M EAM professors to work on a research project related to environmental issues. The project included the provision of research equipment (air sensors), which were installed in both IBC-M campuses. Sensors are connected to mobile application PARTICULATE MATTER APP.

The Particulate Matter App is an application for monitoring of one or several sensors in a network of particulate matter sensors. On the map, you can see all sensors worldwide, which are registered in the network, including IBC-M sensors.

The application gives the measurements of PM in real-time mode: It is the term for particles found in the air including dust, dirt, soot, and smoke. These particles can be suspended in the air for long periods of time. Particulate Mattercomes in a wide range of sizes, measured in micrometers or ‘microns’.

At the end of the project, IBC-M organized a Round Table discussion on Environmental Sustainability in the Region.

The round table aimed to promote the active participation of the relevant stakeholders to discuss the environmental issues and future sustainability in the region.

The discussion included representatives of KUSA and different municipalities of Mitrovica region, GIZ advisor, EU Office representatives, and IBC-M Environmental and Agricultural Management professors and students to address various environmental challenges in the region.  Students presented their findings on Kosovo’s environmental challenges.

The first topic was “Air pollution due to vehicle emission in Prishtina”, in which students presented real-time calculated data through the CALRoads View program. The second presentation was “Air pollution in the Mitrovica region”, in which our dedicated student measured the air quality with the Air Quality Monitoring Unit operated from IBC-M campuses, and its information is updated in a minute basis. The last presentation was “Issuance of the municipal environmental permit to the mobile operator”.