This May, IBC-M partner ISCAP Business School from Porto (Portugal) organized its 15th International Week, all this in line with the ERASMUS+ mobility project. As was expected, the 15th International Week organized by ISCAP brought so much value to ISCAP students, teaching, non-teaching staff, and other parties. New projects, ideas, exchanges, and other forms of cooperation are well represented by 59 guests from 19 countries.  Between the 23rd and 27th of May, over 85 lectures and workshops were delivered to all participants more than successfully. ISCAP’s team hosted teaching and non-teaching staff of IBC-M too. Two teaching staff and one administrative staff have had a great experience. IBC-M lecturers had participated in delivering lectures, workshops, and research sessions, while non-teaching staff had a great experience in job-shadowing and professional sessions in administrative and finance. All IBC-M staff used this wonderful opportunity to promote an IBC-M portfolio to different parties among all present participants. Also, opportunities for networking between IBC-M and other HEIs had been extended.