IBC-M team engaged in QUADIC project participated in 1st international digital event titled as “DIGITAL WEEK” organized by The Université Côte d’Azur from June 27th to July 1st in Nice (France). Together with other QUADIC partners, IBC-M members took part in talks and workshops about digital soft skills, digital education, virtual mobility, digital tourism, creative and cultural industries hosted by established international entrepreneurs, practitioners, and academics. Topics related to digital innovation and digital impact on emerging and modern fields were discussed during 5 days’ program as a part of international week.

This study visit was also used for separate QUADIC project meetings with the aim to present the project progress report by each partner institution within consortium. Proper planning of upcoming projects activities, training and study visits has been also discussed while the guidance for completing reports has been shared by the project coordinator (University “Kadri Zeka”/UKZ).

QUADIC project is focused on strengthening capacities for international cooperation and project management of HEIs from Kosovo and Albania by using the expertise and best practices from four EU partners participating in the project.