As part of the visits to higher education institutions, the State Council of Quality of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, today visited IBC-M. They were hosted by: IBC-M directors, Mrs. Mihone Kerolli and Mr. Harri Tuomola; Head of Department, Mr.Bujar Gallopeni; Quality Assurance, Mr. Ardian Mernica. They informed the SCQ about the general function of IBC-M, and policies regarding quality assurance.
The President of the SCQ, Professor Hasnije Ilazi, said that there are many positive developments are taking place to KAA such as the development of the new accreditation and validation standards of academic programs, development of quality standards, etc. She was very pleased with all the quality cycles at the IBC-M.

In the end, both agreed that we should work together on investment in quality standards.