An Intense Week of Advanced Metacognitive Problem-Based Blended Learning Project Activities: Erasmus+ PROBLEMS Project and IBC-M’s Involvement.
This past week marked a significant milestone in the progress of the Erasmus+ PROBLEMS project. The International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) joined esteemed colleagues at the Institute for Medical Statistics and Informatics, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, for a six-day training, brainstorming, and project advancement session. The sessions aimed to address and work on critical issues in education and Metacognitive Problem-Based Learning methodologies.
The week kicked off with an important gathering of the Project Consortium Board (PCB) and Project Steering Committee (PSC) on Monday, June 12th, with Professor Aleksandar Djikic representing IBC-M. The first day was devoted to a Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting, during which all project participants discussed the project’s status, plans, and potential challenges.
The second day was structured around the coordination of activities within various workgroups (WGs). The day was segmented into four main sessions, each focusing on different medical statistics and clinical areas of medicine, allowing the participants to analyze the unique challenges faced and develop potential strategies to enhance education within each partner institution.
The third day, Wednesday, was about training and introducing problem-based learning models. The project participants immersed themselves in cutting-edge blended learning methodologies and discussed how these could be applied in education, such as using Moodle platform in education, including the development of lessons, assignments, quizzes, and forums.

The last three days of the week were devoted to practical examples and work on modules, where the participants focused on the application of forums in blended learning courses and practical work on MCPB modules with the workgroups. These sessions allowed for real-world testing and refinement of the concepts discussed during the week.
IBC-M, under the guidance of Professor Djikic, contributed extensively throughout the week, applying their unique expertise and perspective to the various discussions and workshops.
Besides Professor Aleksandar Djikic, Professor Bojan Lalic and Damir Gashi from the BD office attended the project activities on behalf of IBC-M.