We are happy to announce that from the 1st of July IBCM started a new appealing project in Amman, Jordan. IBCM is assisting University of Petra to improve the relevance of their higher education for the labour market and society in Jordan through curricula and teaching methods up-scaling as well as creating sustainable models of interaction between universities and enterprises.

The first IBCM lecturer that began with the courses at University of Petra is Medina Braha who is going to work there for the coming 3 weeks. Aleksandar Djikic, Rinor Qehaja, and Niall Ardill will follow and stay there for 2, 1, and 4 weeks respectively.

The project includes the improvement of the current syllabus on Entrepreneurship and Creativity course, teaching methods and training system of University of Petra/Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences/Department of Business Administration as well as formal and non-formal labour market instruments and youth engagement activities. The review of the selected curricula is conducted by the above lecturers in order to establish a higher practice orientation of vocational education and training possibilities.

In addition, IBCM, in coordination with SPARK Jordan and University of Petra is organizing an Entrepreneurship Summer School, an intensive 2 week programme, which will train young entrepreneurs in the development of sustainable business model for their business ideas. After the training the young entrepreneurs will pitch their business models in front of an evaluation committee. The best ideas are going to be rewarded with a grant from SPARK Jordan.

Once again, IBCM shows that it is well positioned as a model for higher education, not only in Kosovo but also internationally.