How does spending a semester as exchange student on Denmark sound? We talked to Aleksandra, Albin and Nenad to hear their perspective and experience on their Erasmus+ exchange.

The three students of our International Marketing and Sales programme at IBC-M are spending this semester in Denmark as exchange students at IBC-M’s partner Lillebaelt, one of Denmarks’s largest and most prestigious Institute. Thanks to IBC-M’s partnership with Lileabelt and the Erasmus+ program, Aleksandra, Albin and Nenad will spend this semester in Odense. We have mentioned it before that student exchanges are much more than just a semester abroad, so we decided to talk to our students and ask them how it has been so far for them. To learn everything from them, please read the short interview below.

“As a student of IBC-M I feel myself appreciated, respected and fully supported. I had a chance to be an intern in one of the USAID’s project and get real work experience. Also, I am now an exchange student in Odense, Denmark at EAL Academy. IBC-M gives real chances for professional development.” – Aleksandra

What is your name and where are you from?

Aleksandra: I am Aleksandra Lazarevic from Zvecan.

Nenad: I am Nenad Stojanovic and I am coming from Mitrovica.

Albin: My name is Albin Voca and I am from Mitrovica.

How old are you?

Aleksandra: I am 20 years old.

Nenad: I am 21 years old.

Albin: I am 20 years old.

What are you studying?

Aleksandra: International Sales & Marketing.

Nenad: Marketing and Management/International Sales and Marketing.

Albin: International Sales and Marketing.

Which semester are you in?

Aleksandra: I have recently finished my first two semesters at IBC-M, AP degree in Marketing & Management. Currently, I am preparing for the Erasmus+ student exchange mobility programme. I am now attending the 5th semester here in Denmark.

Nenad: Recently I have finished 4th semester at IBC-M, AP degree in Marketing and Management, and now I am doing my fifth semester in Denmark as exchange student, in International Sales and Marketing Bachelor Top-up programme. I am as well attending the 5th semester.

Albin: I am attending the 5th semester.

Where will you study?

Aleksandra: I will study at University College Lillebaelt, International Sales and Marketing Bachelor Top-Up programme. The UCL is located in Odense, Denmark.

Nenad: I will study at University College Lillebaelt, UCL is located at Odense, Denmark.

Albin: I am studying at UCL in Odense , Denmark.

How did you apply for the exchange?

Aleksandra: I applied for this program through IBC-M. The IBC-M and UCL have the bilateral contract, and the UCL is the partner of European educational network, SPACE, along with IBC-M and many other IBC-M partners, so that’s how I found out for this opportunity and used it. The teachers calculated my average mark and recognized my motivation and skills, and because of the best capabilities and results, I won this Erasmus+ student mobility grant.

Nenad: I applied for this programme through IBC-M. The IBC-M and UCL have bilateral contract and the UCL had online form of application and I have applied for Erasmus + student mobility programme grant, this would not be possible without IBC-M professors who recognized my motivation for learning and skills.

Albin: I applied first at IBC-M via email in order to be picked as one of the candidates to study abroad in at UCL . Then, after getting picked, I had to apply directly to the UCL with the help of IBC-M.

Tell us something for the skills and experiences that you gained during your study at IBC-M?

Aleksandra: While studying at IBC-M I gained a lot of skills and competences which distinguish me from the students of other universities. Besides the fact that I have improved my English, both verbally and written, I learned how to communicate effectively, how to write projects and business plans, how the businesses operates locally and globally, and many other things. Being an intern in the USAID’s project “EMPOWER Private Sector” helped me to get the real picture how the private sector companies operates in Kosovo and how the process of empowering the private sector can contribute to employability and economic situation, as well.

Nenad: Studying at IBC-M provides very useful knowledge and skills that are something that every person who is looking to enter the labour market must have. Knowledge itself is very practical and real, real-life examples mean a lot, they make you think in a way as you are a manager and you have to give your own opinions and to find your solutions. During my internship which is part of our studies, I learnt how to deal with people in different kind of situations and how to behave in certain situations and I was to be ableto apply everything that we learned in our classes.

Albin: During my 2 years at IBC-M, I have gained skills in writing and speaking English, learning all the Management and Marketing skills with a modern point of view, with real life cases and with daily feedback from professors.

Did staff and teachers from IBC-M help you during studies?

Aleksandra: The IBC-M staff and teachers are always open to students. The interactive approach is something that makes a huge difference between IBC-M and other universities. Moreover, teachers are always ready to explain and help the students; they are very responsive on our e-mails and they understand if we need help.

Nenad: The staff and teachers are always willing to help us as students in terms to explain everything that we ask for. Their approach and way of teaching is something that makes huge difference between IBC-M and other higher education institutions.

Albin: The staff and teachers at IBC-M have always helped me with everything I have needed as a student during my studies for these 2 years. At IBC-M there is a friendly environment between teachers and students and that helps a lot to achieve more in lessons.

Why should students apply for IBC-M?

Aleksandra: There are a million of reasons why. The crucial one is: you want to feel yourself appreciated, respected and fully supported on your road to discover the world, break down the borders and make your dreams come true. Join the group of highly professional staff and ambitious colleagues.

Nenad: There are numerous reasons why to apply for IBC-M. The most important reason is the way of teaching and way of learning, the classes are interactive, in the class we had lots of discussions for the topic, by that way we create our way of critical thinking and making our decisions. During the studies students have in 4th and 7th semester internships where they can work in companies and gain knowledge and real-life experience, crucial thing is that after finishing IBC-M students are ready for job market.

Albin: They should apply at the IBC-M for a different experience, with a new way of learning, different from other colleges in Kosovo. The fact that all classes are in English is a big advantage especially when it comes to studying abroad.

We would like to thank Aleksandra, Albin and Nenad for their availability to answer and wish them a lot of successes with their studies and a lot of fun in Denmark!

We would like to thank Aleksandra, Albin and Nenad for their availability to answer and wish them a lot of successes with their studies and a lot of fun in Denmark!