An important workshop took place last week within WP3 of the DGTRANS project in Chania, Greece, dedicated to the modernization of curricula and developing a catalogue of competencies, establishment of DG Labs, and professional training programs for teaching staff for the safe transportation of dangerous goods.

The conference started with opening speeches by several EU/Greek professionals, who highlighted the project’s significance and potential to enhance safety protocols in the WB region. The agenda was filled with presentations from esteemed professors from various Universities in Greece, including the introduction of digital tools designed to assist in the roadside inspection of vehicles carrying hazardous substances. A variety of topics were covered, from research initiatives on industrial risk management to practices related to the transportation of dangerous goods in the host country. The focus of the workshop was on modern training approaches for advanced technical systems. The presentations were supplemented by discussions on experiences in the field and a virtual presentation about an educational program focused on disasters caused by humans and nature.

The event concentrated on developing curricula and establishing specialized laboratories related to the project, providing a hands-on opportunity for participants to discuss the project’s progress and plan the next steps. These steps included discussions on a survey for stakeholders and the development of a catalogue documenting the required competencies, courses, syllabi, and setting up laboratories specifically for the project and procuring the necessary equipment.

The event concluded on a high note, signifying another significant step towards the project’s successful execution. Even though the project is still in its early stages, this workshop was a significant step forward for the DGTRANS project, aiming to promote safer practices in transporting dangerous goods and contribute to a safer future in the Western Balkans and beyond.

The International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) was represented by the College Director, Prof. Dr. Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa, and Damir Gashi from the BD Office.