Another group of IBC-M students ready to go Denmark: 5 IBC-M students from The Public Administration and Welfare study program will complete an internship semester at University College Denmark (UCL) as of March 2022.

These internships are part of ERASMUS+ mobility programs and will be organized in close coordination between IBC-M and UCL. Internship students will be placed in The Public Administration Department at the hosting institution and will be engaged in various teaching and project activities that fall under this department at UCL. Accepted students are extremely motivated and thankful for this wonderful opportunity offered by IBC-M and enabled by its Danish partner.

Mandatory internship semester is a major contributing factor to high employment rate of IBC-M graduates. Internships performed abroad, enriched with international components and expertise, will equip students with a broad set of skills and work experiences that will make them competitive, highly employable and position them well in the regional labor market.

IBC-M will be working to secure more internships abroad with its international partners in a continuing mission to create future leaders actively involved in society.