The 4th project meeting within the Erasmus+ project “Improving the Process of Education Through the Development of E-learning Multimedia Platform and Smart Classrooms”, that IBC-M participates in, took place on 16th and 17th of December in Podgorica. 

During the 1st day of the project meeting, that gathered more than 20 the participants of 10 partner institutions, there have been presented the project progress report by each partner institution. Accordingly, being a leader of Dissemination working package, IBC-M has presented a package of promotion materials being developed as well as a strategy for dissemination activities implementation and the guidelines for their reporting and documentation. 

During the 2nd day of the project meeting there has been presented the existing approach to E-learning by the host institution as well as the equipment requirements for establishing a modern distance learning platform and smart labs for each partner’s HEI. Along with that, there have been identified the new innovative pedagogical approaches and learning methodologies to be implemented in E-teaching with a particular focus on recommendations for addressing the needs of students from vulnerable groups. 

In accordance with meetings’ conclusions, it was defined a framework for future actions within all project’s working packages.