On 26 October 2023, Dean Blerim Saqipi, alongside Professors Kyvete Shatri, Krenare Pireva, and Arian Musliu, from The Faculty of Education, University of Prishtina, visited the International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M), taking a step forward in developing academic collaboration with International Business College Mitrovica. They were welcomed by the IBC-M Director, Mihone Kerolli Mustafa, who introduced them to IBC-M study programs, the current situation with the transition from private to public institution, local and international projects IBC-M is implementing and short and long-term plans of the college.

The visit served as a platform for both institutions to express their commitment to academic excellence and innovation, with the discussions focusing on institutional collaboration through joint modules and the potential impact on the community by linking efforts in applying for Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education (CBHE) and EU Horizon projects. Such efforts would display a commitment of both the Faculty of Education, University of Prishtina, and International Business College Mitrovica to driving economic growth, creating jobs through innovation, and creating a new generation of teachers and students equipped with a knowledge of sustainability concepts, enhancing the quality of higher education, ensuring the acquirement of the necessary skills and knowledge in line with the sustainable development.

The discussion also touched upon innovation and research, with both institutions expressing their wish to stay updated with the latest developments linking education and new technologies, acknowledging the dynamic nature of technology and its profound impact on education, making sure that the practices and curriculums are continually revised and enhanced to reflect the latest innovations in the field.

The visit of Dean Saqipi to IBC-M College was a significant step towards a collaborative future between the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education and International Business College Mitrovica. By addressing key areas such as institutional collaboration, projects, research, and innovation, the visit has laid the foundation for a partnership that promises to enrich the academic landscape and foster educational development in Kosovo.