The IBC-M team engaged in the ROAMING project organized a series of events to mark ERASMUS+ Days under the framework of ERASMUS+ week.  Partners within the ROAMING consortium gathered their forces and organized individual and joint sessions in honor of Erasmus Days celebrated worldwide from 9th – 14th October 2023. These initiatives brought together IBC-M students, faculty, and administrative staff members to discuss international opportunities and perspectives offered at IBC-M, procedures, steps, challenges, and above all, the benefits that evolve from international projects and mobilities (ICM and CBHE).

IBC-M has recognized the importance of internationalization as a tool to enhance the overall quality of teaching and strengthen the capacities of students, professors, and administrative staff. Due to this fact, the school considers the mobility of students and staff, and their involvement in CBHE projects, as a very important factor for high-quality education that contributes heavily to internationalization at home. IBC-M participation in international projects and mobility brings the best international practices and knowledge by enabling a fully international environment at the college.

By using the expertise of international partners engaged in ROAMING, this project aims to increase the number of students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds to take on exchange and utilize all the advantages of such mobility opportunities.