At IBC-M we are proud to be teaching a unique interdisciplinary education in Kosovo on building practical skills for meeting future challenges of public administration reform, from well experienced local and international lecturers. If you’re planning to go to college this year, studying at IBC-M will provide you with a unique opportunity to get a world class education in your home country and get the problem-solving and practical skills needed to address the challenges of modern public sector management and reform. Covering a range of social, democratic and economic concepts such as human rights, innovation, development, and European integration, the Public Administration department will support and inspire you in your ambition to make a difference to the world you live in.

Career prospects include a huge range of occupations in the government, international and non-profit sectors, from public administrators, policy advisers, market research analysts, to public agency directors, city managers, and local government officials.

If this sounds anything like you or something you see yourself doing in the future, let us know. You can apply online here, or contact us for more information at +383 (0) 49 333 990 or via email at