“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

It takes professional, talented and devoted people to give solutions to the world’s most crucial environmental issues and modern agricultural challenges.

At IBC-M we are proud to be teaching a unique interdisciplinary education in Kosovo in the management of critical environmental and agricultural issues and learn best practices in natural resource management, agricultural production, biodiversity and renewable energy. If you’re planning to go to college this year, studying at IBC-M will provide you with a unique opportunity to get a world class education in your home country on the environment and agriculture field. Our programmes are built in close cooperation with our Danish partners and all student get a Danish double degree. Throughout the studies, students will be able to engage in research and explore different solutions to how we interact with the environment, in theory and in practice.

Exciting career prospects include management with a specialization in environment and agriculture dedicated to sustainable agriculture and food production and maintaining a healthy environment. Opportunities are available in national, international or multi-national organizations. Some EAM graduates also go on to establish their own businesses.

If this sounds anything like you or something you see yourself doing in the future, let us know. You can apply online here, or contact us for more information at +383 (0) 49 333 990 or via email at info@ibcmitrovica.eu.