The panel discussion “Skills for the Future” held on May 10 at the European House in North Mitrovica, outlined how EU-supported skills, education, and training can contribute to a rise in competencies for youth and how to access them, and brought together experts who work on raising young people’s capacities. Ms. Anakarin Platon, head of the department for political, economic, and European integration of the EU Office in Kosovo, pointed out that the European Union works in many areas, primarily on digital transition and harmonizing programs with Environmental protection. In addition to her and other participants in the discussion, one of the panelists was College Director Dr. Mihone Kerolli Mustafa.     On this occasion, visitors could hear more about the work and study programs of IBC-M, student mobility/ exchange programs for undergraduate students, matching skills and market needs in Kosovo.

During the interactive discussion, the participants shared with the visitors what young people should do and what skills to invest in while waiting for a job.

Many opportunities are awaiting Kosovo youth!