During the week of 8th – 13th May, IBC-M welcomed 2 professors from ISCAP Accounting and Business School from Porto (Portugal). ISCAP is one of the eight schools that compose the Porto Polytechnic Institute, the largest and most prestigious public Polytechnic in Portugal, and one of the largest and most recognized institutions of higher education in Portugal.

ISCAP professors, Ana Azevedo and José Azevedo participated in the mobility for teaching under the ERASMUS+ ICM scheme. During their visit to IBC-M, the lecture on research methodologies and scientific articles was delivered to IBC-M students who are in the process of writing the final thesis. In addition to the lecture, relevant meetings have been organized to strengthen the links between ISCAP and IBC-M and further develop collaboration in research and internship placement for students.

Professors Azevedos’ visits also had a character of strategic meetings and discussions aimed at fortifying the existing ties between ISCAP and IBC-M. The professors met with Prof. Mihone Kerolli Mustafa, the Director of IBC-M college, and with the team of IBC-M professors and staff from the Business Department to discuss opportunities for potential collaborations and partnerships. The conversations revolved around the idea of deepening the collaboration between the two institutions in scientific research, and project development, and even exploring the possibility of double degrees. The meetings served as a valuable platform for brainstorming innovative ways to cultivate more profound engagement in the research and teaching, exploring avenues for cooperation on a higher level. The two sides explored how they could join forces to provide students and professors from both institutions with exposure to solutions to real-world problems, thereby enhancing their academic experience and broadening their horizons.

ISCAP professors visited the Student Services and Career Center Department and met Ms. Arjeta Mehmeti to discuss internship programs as an integrated part of IBC-M curricula. This meeting showed the strong willingness of both parties to cooperate in this area and to intensify the participation of IBC-M students, both Bachelor and Master, in activities and international calls such are research, conferences, and other relevant academic opportunities offered by ISCAP.

IBC-M considers income teachers’ mobility an important factor for high-quality education that will trigger classroom creativity and innovation. Such activities will further enhance internationalization at home and will enrich teachers’ pedagogical expertise.