As with all students, there are many different reasons why they decide to study at IBC-M – for Donjeta the reason was based around what IBC-M offers to her and the true belief that the college gives life to the word ‘student’. She further emphasised 4 key areas that she believes makes IBC-M positively different and unique in comparison to other institutions in the region

  1.   The importance placed on learning through practice and real-life examples,
  2.   Studying through English,
  3.   The wide range of study abroad options,
  4.   Diversity experience

During her studies at IBC-M, Donjeta has taken part in many different activities outside the traditional classroom environment, including student movie nights and assisting the organisation of IBC-M events which allowed her to gain valuable experience in event planning and management. She said that such cooperation with staff and professors lead to a healthy and well-managed relationship, with professors ready to assist at any time.

We spoke openly about the difficulties adjusting from High School to life in college and while Donjeta noted some challenges such as increased workload and the dynamism within the environment, she believes that she was well equipped to manage these. The student lounge offers an escape from the study and lecture rooms, giving students their own space to relax and discuss all aspects of life – she found her fellow students to be friendly, communicative, collaborative, and help each other to prepare during the studies, and achieve better performance. As a multiethnic institution, we wanted to gain an insight on how this influences the college and the student body, ‘Studying in a multiethnic environment is very interesting. I did not have the chance to experience this before, but now the results are very positive.’


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