During my internship I have been working in the International Office at ISCAP, and I am in charge of administration for incoming students, professors and staff. I have worked on developing certificates for professors and tutors, while also completing reports, firstly for incoming mobilities and their experience at ISCAP, and then partnership analysis, in order for ISCAP decide with which universities will they continue cooperation in the future.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, for almost a month and a half we worked from home, so we did not really experience how it is to work with Portuguese people. While we were still working in the office, we had help from our mentors and two other interns who worked alongside us. It was nice to discover their culture, learn a bit of Portuguese language, and to work in a different environment than I am used to. 

The ISCAP staff and its approach to the interns were great, which made working enjoyable. The daily feedback provided by supervisors was helpful, and we could ask them about anything, but we were also able to work in a way that was best for us. So the overall experience was knowledgeable, a time for discovering, positive, and raised my level of confidence in the work I did.

Since I have already worked in administration in a previous internship, I was used to working fast, and to finish my obligations as soon as possible in order to not waste the time, but at ISCAP they were surprised when I finished a task fast since they tend to take time for everything and they are not in a hurry. 😊