Abide and Edin started this semester quite differently. In a new school, in a different country. Thanks to IBCM’s partnership with Lillebaelt and Erasmus+ program, our students are spending this semester as exchange students in Denmark. We wish them a lot of fun during their studies and their life there!

Although for Abide and Edin it’s only the first few weeks in Denmark, we wanted to hear from them and see how was the exchange experience for them so far. We sent them quite a few questions and we have listed all their answers in the interview section below. They also sent us some pictures from their experience so far, that you can see below.

#In one word

Denmark in one word?

Abide: A green lifestyle.

Edin: Amazing.

UCL in one word?

Abide: Academically challenging.

Edin: Innovative.

Your new friends in one word?

Abide: Warm.

Edin: Friendly.

Your experience so far in one word?

Abide: Unique.

Edin: Delightful.


What were your first impressions of Denmark and the people there when you arrived?

Abide: When I arrived in Denmark, I noticed the relaxed atmosphere, a lot of people on bikes, and that things generally run smoothly. A lot of old buildings and modern sustainable architecture speaks of cities that treasure the old but love experimenting with the new.

Danish people are really friendly and they can help you with everything you are struggling, they welcome and give you the feeling like you have been their friend since forever.

Edin: The people are friendly and polite, not hesitant to help in any situation.

What are some similarities and differences between UCL and IBC-M?

Abide: There are a lot of similarities between IBC-M and UCL, starting from the methodology of learning, both colleges are trying their best to give quality teaching. Then presentations, guest speakers, field trips are the main ways of studying in both colleges. Also there are internship obligatory semester as part of its studies.

Edin: The similar way of research for specific topics and projects.

How did you decide to apply, what were the criteria?

Abide: Going abroad for an exchange semester was always one of my biggest goals, and thanks to IBC-M this goal became true.

First, Erasmus+ exchange programme was presented to us to by IBC-M’s International Relations coordinator, who informed us about the criteria for being selected, and in order to be accepted, we had to have good academic standing, a good attendance record, knowledge of the English language and to demonstrate cross cultural competencies.

Edin: I love traveling and visiting new places that was my biggest motivation to apply, the criteria was a motivational letter to UCL.

What was IBC-M’s role during application process?

Abide: IBC-M helped us in different ways during the application process in order for us to be more familiar and well-prepared by providing us more information, as well as the IBCM staff helped us to prepare documents get access to Erasmus+ funds and making it easier for us to move there.

Edin: To help students with application and visa.

What is your message to students who plan to go on exchanges abroad?

Abide: Studying in a different country can open your eyes to a new world and enrich your learning experience. My message to students who plan to go on exchange semester abroad would be to try breaking the mold of their previous educational background and embrace challenges. It would be truly life-changing, it pays huge dividends to engage in both personal and academic development while studying abroad. It is important that you can thank yourself at the end of your time studying abroad, for the experience that you’ve had. And thank IBC-M I have also become more independent and, I can cook now.

Edin: I would highly recommend this kind of experience to other students as well because it would be beneficial both academical as well as experience wise, socially and culturally.

So, what’s stopping you?

If you’re ready to get rid of excuses and start an amazing journey towards earning a degree and experience semesters abroad, follow Edin’s and Abide’s footsteps and apply now: https://goo.gl/PEKCuG