On October 15 th IBC-M organized the first forum under the project “Mitrovica Environmental Forum and Research Platform” as part of the UNDP/ Healthier Kosovo Grant.

The aim of the forum was to promote the new implementing project and to encourage the active participation of relevant stakeholders to discuss the environmental issues and future sustainability in the region.

Part of the discussion were representatives of municipalities of the Mitrovica Region, UN Habitat, GIZ, GAIA NGO, IBC-M Professors and students.

The forum opened with the new project introduction and presentation by IBC-M students. They informed participants that under the project “Mitrovica Environmental Forum and Research Platform” an actual online platform is being launched and it will provide Mitrovica’s citizens the information they need to take actions that protect our environment.

There will be published real data from air sensors, soil and water analysis will be updated on a weekly basis, as well as information on electromagnetic radiation will be provided. Different blogs related to environmental challenges are published on the website and will be shared through our Facebook and Instagram pages. The Platform will tell how clean or polluted the outdoor air, soil or water is, along with associated health effects that may be of concern and recommendations on how to avoid these concerns.

The best environmental conservation practices from around the world, and ideas on how to improve the current situation in our city will be shared.

Lastly, the platform encourages its visitors to get involved by submitting their ideas or asking environmental questions that affect their daily lives.

The second part of the forum was a presentation by Prof. Jelena Djokic on Environmental sustainability in the region, which led to an open discussion about the current environmental issues we face, future plans and possibilities to cooperate in the future.