Head of the European Union in Kosovo, Her Excellency Ambassador Nataliya Apostolova, addressed incoming and current students at the International Business College Mitrovica on the 14th October.

Ambassador Apostolova welcomed students to the new academic year and reinforced the European Union’s support for IBC-M. She stated that IBC-M is one of the EU’s best investments in Kosovo as it is directly contributing to economic development and youth employment. She also praised the quality of degrees offered by IBC-M.

Following the Ambassador’s address, IBC-M students asked a range of questions. Students were interested to know more about Ambassador’s work and advice on how to succeed at college. They also asked about her about replicating IBC-M’s model in other countries or building more campuses. Ambassador Apostolova encouraged students to share their own success stories while studding at IBC-M.

The IBC-M was established to provide internationally accredited, higher quality education to students from all communities in Kosovo and it has been currently funded by European Union office in Kosovo.