IBC-M launched the INFORM project in August 2019 with the aim of providing accurate and credible environmental data to citizens in the Mitrovica region. Since its launch the installation of air quality sensors and regular analysis of water and soil quality has allowed real-time data to be recorded, published and delivered to citizens of the Mitrovica and the surrounding area. This information is publicly available on the INFORM project website [https://www.ibcmitrovica.eu/inform/] and supplemented by additional and relevant news on related topics. These activities engage the wider IBC-M community, stakeholders from the region and are led by the IBC-M professors, staff and students. 


This project is supported by UNDP Kosovo.


IBC-M offers a Bachelor degree in Environment and Agricultural Management and Master of Science degree  in International Management & Leadership with a specialistion in Environmental Management. To learn more about enrollment options for the upcoming academic year, contact us at info@ibcmitrovica.eu or 028-534 834/ 028-409 013.