On the 7th September 2021, representatives of Kosovo ERASMUS+ office visited IBC-M and conducted the monitoring visit for QUADIC Project (Quality Development of International Cooperation and Project Management).

Ms. Jehona Lushaku and Ms. Blerina Zjaqa were informed about all activities implemented under the framework of QUADIC project since the last visit held in November 2020. Despite all challenges and many restrictions imposed by COVID19, all project activities on national and regional level were conducted as planned, while some travelling, training and workshops to EU countries were postponed to a later stage.

During the monitoring visit, apart from sharing general project updates and plans for upcoming periods, IBC-M team shared all relevant information and efforts invested in the purpose of achieving proper project visibility and sustainability. Information related to synergizing with other projects currently implemented at IBC-M were presented as well. In general, QUADIC activities are progressing well, coordination provided by the leading partner is good and cooperation between partners continues to be active.

IBC-M wants to thank Kosovo ERASMUS+ office for continuous support provided throughout the years.