NWRC is a higher education college located in the north-west region of Northern Ireland (https://www.nwrc.ac.uk). The college has five main campuses, it was established in 2007 while each year approximately 25,000 full-time and part-time students attend the college to undertake a range of vocational and academic courses.

IBC-M has successful cooperation with NWRC since 2017 through implementation of capacity building projects, student and staff exchanges in both directions. Complex and sensitive environments in which NWRC and IBC-M operate, make institutional links even more closer resulting in extending collaboration with new project initiatives on a mutual interest.

The main purpose of the visit was launching of an important Student Democracy Project that will involve NWRC and IBC-M students. This project will assist IBC-M to set up an effective Student Voice using NWRC Student’s Union structures and models of engagement as best practice. The group of 20 NWRC students will visit IBC-M in mid – April and will be engaged in different workshops and sessions directed to establishing and strengthening of Student Union. Activities such as: Online Elections, Officers’ Roles, Officer & Class Representative Training, Student & Staff Workshops and International Mobility will be performed. In addition to various workshops and thematic teambuilding activities that will be part of 2 weeks programme, cultural excursions and outdoor events will be organized to enrich the whole project experience.

As a part of current visit for NWRC colleagues, campus tours were also organized, meetings with relevant staff members and students, preparation workshops, sightseeing and visit of cultural and other landmarks in Kosovo.

IBC-M is looking forward to continue cooperation with NWRC with new project opportunities aiming to a bigger international exposure and for building various capacities of students and staff involved.