On the 14th of October 2022, IBC-M had the privilege to host Erasmus+ Day organized in cooperation with Kosovo Erasmus+ Office (KEO). This event celebrated 35 years of the Erasmus+ program and it was part of the Erasmus+ Days celebrated worldwide.

Marking this remarkable achievement, the Erasmus program brought together representatives from KEO, the EU office in Kosovo, higher education institutions, partners, stakeholders, IBC-M students, and staff.

The best promotion of the Erasmus+ program has been always done by the Erasmus+ alumni thus videos of alumni have been broadcasted during the event.

IBC-M has an extensive network of international partners for the successful implementation of Erasmus+ mobility (ICM) and capacity-building projects (CBHE).  With the aim to further enhance the international profile of the college, IBC-M considers engaging more students and staff in Erasmus+ exchanges and CBHE projects so participants can utilize all the benefits of such initiatives. The mobility of students and staff, as well as involvement in CBHE projects, are important factors for high-quality education that contributes heavily to the international environment at the college. As a coordinator of a few CBHE projects and by partnering with national, regional, and EU partners, IBC-M built a strong track record in project implementation by leading reforms in the HEIs sector in Kosovo.

The new Erasmus+ program aims to support actions in the fields of Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for the period 2021-2027.