During the week we, IBC-M students, participated in a Charity Fundraising activity organised by the SRC. We cooked and sold more than 200 sweets in the city centres of Mitrovica. With the collected fund we are going to buy presents and gift them to the special schools of Mitrovica, Qendra Burimore per Mesim dhe Keshillim “Nena Tereze” and “Kosovski Božur” special school.

Hot chocolate burned sugar, just-out-of-the-oven cake-the pleasant smells surrounded the atmosphere of this week’s activity. We baked these delicious goods during the foggy days on two small, cozy apartments. We creating memories by sharing jokes and baking together, listening to merry music and selling in the cold days and nights.

We prepared more than 200 sweets and sold them in the city centres of Mitrovica to the passersby. They were interested and very supportive of our activity.

We organised a gathering to celebrate our success and the upcoming holidays.

During next week, we will buy and distribute the gifts to the special schools. We thank them a lot for their cooperation.

We mostly thank the students and staff who participated and helped in every way possible-by cooking, selling and organising. You are the most generous and kind people.

Don’t forget to keep yourselves updated for the feature activities!


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