On December 17, International Sales and Marketing students, Agon Murati, Lorita Murataj, and Fisnik Hoti, led a workshop with OSCE Mission in Kosovo on “Challenging gender stereotypes: a way toward full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms” at the Bedri Gjina Primary School in Mitrovica.

The primary school students learned how to challenge gender stereotypes and end bullying in their school and community. About 60 sixth to ninth grade students were in attendance and thoughtfully participated in discussions and activities.

“When we first started to talk, the kids were not well informed about the topics. However, by the end of the day, we had taught them the importance of gender equality and preventing bullying” stated Fisnik.

Agron added, “We taught the students how much bullying and gender inequality can impact someone’s life and how to eliminate these phenomena in our community. I felt so happy that I could share some experiences with them and help them with some of their problems.”

Fisnik went on to say, “The best part was hearing from the students how their opinions had changed on the topics because of our presentation. I’m very passionate about this project because, together with my colleagues, we are changing the next generation for the better. We are informing them about the kinds of barriers they face every day, but rarely talk about in public. And most importantly, we are offering them ways to solve problems.”

Lorita agreed and continued, “I was very happy when I saw the students opening up and expressing their true feelings about their dreams and how hard it is for them to follow their dreams. I told them that it’s not okay to let someone destroy your dreams that they should do whatever they feel more comfortable doing and no one should ever change that. When I was their age, we didn’t have these sort of presentations.”

Lorita went on to mention that “IBC-M helped me a lot because we had to be creative and we know how to control the crowd, which requires leadership skills! I wouldn’t be able to do all that if it wasn’t for IBC-M’s professors’ guidance.”

Dr. Megan Fisk, Head of the English Department at IBCM, mentored the IBC-M students and kicked off the workshop with Zejnepe Haxhimehmeti, from OSCE Mission in Kosovo. Dr. Fisk stated “It is a proud day for IBC-M when our students are able to serve as role models for younger students in our community. We are grateful for our partnership with OSCE that enables our students to shine.”

The team is excited to continue collaborating with OSCE on future workshops in 2020.


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