During the week of 27th – 31st March, the International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) was privileged to welcome 2 incoming professors from VIKO (Vilniaus Kolegija based in Vilnius, Lithuania). VIKO is an innovative and international higher education institution actively involved in building a socially responsible society in Lithuania (https://en.viko.lt).

Those incoming mobilities fall under the ERASMUS+ exchange scheme (KA1).  Professor Romanas Tumasonis (Dean of Electronics and Informatics faculty) and Professor Vaidas Liubinas delivered an interactive workshop to IBC-M students by sharing international knowledge and good practices. In 2021, IBC-M and VIKO signed an agreement for double degree provision for IBC-M students from the Applied Information Technology study program. During their visit to IBC-M, incoming professors had a chance to meet counterparts from different departments, as well as to visit IBC-M’s modern facilities and IT labs. In addition, a follow-up meeting with VIKO and IBC-M faculty members involved in the double degree process was held with the aim to improve cooperation in the area of double degrees.

IBC-M and VIKO established good cooperation in different areas over the years and the collaboration between institutions will be strengthened in the future with new business models discussed during the joint meeting. IBC-M staff and students will be participating in ERASMUS+ exchanges with VIKO in the coming months.