We are pleased to welcome our new international executive director Prof Harri Tuomola. Harri comes from Finland. His initial background is more quantitative, but afterwards, he oriented towards Sales and Marketing. Human Behaviour topics picked Harri’s interests and around the ‘90s he got involved with international business education. Harri teaches many diverse topics, but his favourite topic area is cross-cultural communication.

When asked about Kosovo and Mitrovica, Harri replied that he likes both very much. He said that Kosovo is filled with energy and optimism of the younger generations. Throughout his career, he has met dozens of Kosovo students, who according to the director were very forward-looking and achievement-oriented. Regarding Mitrovica, Harri describes it as an interesting and unique city consisting of different nationalities.

Harri came in IBC-M for the first time in 2016 and in 2017, for shorter periods of time, and 2018 for a longer period of time. He worked in mixed groups projects in IBC-M and was very pleased with all the work our students did. Now, comparing to the previous years, he is IBC-M’s executive director and he is looking forward to his new assignments. Harri mostly likes IBC-M’s methodology “From theory to practice” and its student-oriented practices.

He quoted: ”It depends how much you put into something. The more you are involved, the more you learn, the better results you will achieve. Students who decided to study in IBC-M have made the right choice.

We hope that Harri will enjoy his stay and new job in IBC-M!