Yesterday a group of EAM students together with professor Aleksandar Djikic went on a field trip to visit Agro-Product Shpk in Istog, and Kosovo Institute of Agriculture Analysis in Peja.

The first destination was Agro-Product Shpk, a herb-producing company. The students were introduced with the whole herb-producing process from collection to manufacturing and distribution, the greenhouse and seedlings garden.

Afterwards, they headed to Peja and visited the Kosovo Institute of Agriculture Analysis. The Institute was a large building with many laboratories, where analyses and experiments were done to plants, nematode, bacteria, viruses, soil and even DNA extraction.

Through this educative field trip, the students saw the modern factory and high-technological laboratories, which correlate to the studies they learn in our college. IBC-M lives up to its motto, to bring theory into practice for its students.