Career Guidance and Internship Documents 

  • Introduction

The internship is at the heart of what makes the IBCM “Theory to Practice” learning model so effective. The purpose of the internship is to provide the opportunity to students to connect theories and concepts they will study in the classroom to the real world of work, to gain skills and experience that will help them, not only to gain meaningful employment, once they graduate, but to succeed in their chosen profession. 

The student services office is available to you for further information and administrative coordination during your internship. Your IBC-M internship supervisor will guide and assist you with your learning objectives and if appropriate, help you to link your internship with your AP or BA thesis.

General learning objectives of the internship:


  • about the practice of the profession as well as theory
  • the ability to reflect on the use of concepts and methods within the professional field


  • in using a wide set of technical, creative, and analytical professional skills 
  • in assessing practical issues and developing possible solutions 
  • in presenting practical issues and solution proposals 


  • in using the structured procedures and being able to acquire new professional knowledge and skills

Internship package with all relevant documents and detailed guidance:

  • IBC-M Internship Guide 
  • Annex to Internship Guide
  • IBC-M Internship Contract Format
  • IBC-M Internship and Thesis Supervision Agreement
  • IBC-M Internship student satisfaction questionnaire