On Spring’s first day, IBC-M warmly welcomed a large group of high-school students in both of its campuses, the Riverside and the Riverview campuses, for the Spring Info Day. The director and professors held their speeches where they talked about IBC-M; its spurs and double degree diploma, and the opportunities it offers like the international exchange programmes and internships, the English informatory language courses and scholarships. They encouraged the students to follow their dreams and to work hard to achieve their goals successfully. After the informative speeches, the staff showed the students around the campuses where they got to see the classrooms and lovely environment.

The students can be described in three words: lively, talkative and friendly. They listened carefully and were interested in the information served to them in golden plates. Regarding the dishes, there was also a cocktail. The students had time to relax, and enjoy the delicious food and refreshments.

Spring Info Day surely was a triumph. Just like the students had the chance to acknowledge and engage with IBC-M, so did we.