On Monday 7th, the International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) was privileged to host the Head of the EU Office in Kosovo and EU Special Representative, Ms. Nataliya Apostolova.

In honor of the Europe Day, Mrs. Apostolova hosted a Press Conference at IBC-M, organized to launch the Education Campaign ”Quality Education is…”. At the event, the Ambassador spoke about the quality education campaign, followed by a discussion with the audience, which consisted of students, academics, beneficiaries and media on enhancing the quality of the education in Kosovo.

Ms. Apostolova started her speech by emphasizing that she is happy that the event happened at IBC-M.

I am very happy to launch my ”Quality Education is” campaign exactly here, in this school. It’s not by chance, the symbol of multi-ethnic tolerance, of working together, of learning together, which I think is the solution not only in Kosovo, but in Ballkans as well”.

Ms. Apostolova continued by stating ‘ … education is one of the strongest points of the European culture. And as Kosovo is part of the European family, it is essential that it treats education as a strategic priority. So, education is the key to success, education is the key to progress. Only a society that invests in education can move forward. And the Government, education professionals and this new society, must all work together, because a successful education is a common effort”.

During the Press Conference, Ms. Apostolova also highlighted that:

In coming years, the EU intends to double investment in order to support quality of education. EU will allocate 35 million Euros for this purpose. Therefore, the Educational Campaign we are launching today at IBC-M in Southern Mitrovica shows that EU contributed a lot to improve education in Kosovo but also to present what EU intend to do in the coming years”.

She underlined, that it will be in our best interest to build a transparent and autonomous education system compatible with European educational standards.

While in discussion with the audience many questions have been addresses towards Ms. Apostolova. Among them, one on how the youth can have a greater involvement in needed changes in education. Ms. Apostolova answered by saying that”…considering that Kosovo has dominantly a young population, it has a huge potential which should be used in the right way. In this moment, changes should start by training the youngsters, and concentrating on high quality education rather than just the quantity of diplomas”.

The head of the EU Office in Kosovo pointed out that IBCM offers quality education to students who will lead Kosovo forward tomorrow, and at the same time, with its two campuses, in northern and southern Mitrovica, shows the way to future tolerance and cooperation.

The young people in Kosovo must look forward not only to the quality of education, but to the quality of life that will make Kosovo progressive, successful and peaceful. Quality education is a necessary step on this path, and the EU will be here to help you as much as possible ” Apostolova said.

We at IBCM remain committed to delivering high quality study programmes accessible to all. We believe that working together and creating an environment that inspires growth is the way forward.

The event was covered by local and national media in Kosovo, and you can read some articles here: Kontakt Plus, Koha, Kosovapress, RTK.