IBC-M was honored to host a distinguished delegation from James Madison University (JMU, https://www.jmu.edu/about/index.shtml), a leading institution in the US higher education landscape. The visiting JMU’s team was comprised of accomplished professionals, seasoned educators, researchers, and students. JMU’s growing reputation in the United States stems from its students’ uniquely engaging relationships with world-class faculty members who prioritize teaching and the pursuit of knowledge.

This visit served as an excellent opportunity to reflect on the successful outcomes and benefits reaped from the successful collaboration between JMU and IBC-M. Different modalities of collaboration were discussed, in the field of scientific research and innovation, as well as in the processes of internationalization of scientific research, joint research activities, and joint publications, with a focus on the concept of Open Science, aiming to approximate the research and innovation processes across academia, industry, public authorities, and citizen groups.

JMU educators have in the past contributed to the Training of Trainers program, sharing best international practices, and curriculum adjustments and applying valuable knowledge for IBC-M lecturers and English language teachers in high schools throughout the Mitrovica region. Following this, an IBC-M team and four English teachers from Mitrovica high schools visited JMU. They capitalized on the advantages of this crucial visit, which directly facilitated innovation, novel teaching techniques, and efficiency in their work at their home institutions.

Moreover, the visit was instrumental in identifying models and proposals for broadening the already-established cooperation between JMU and IBC-M. In alignment with IBC-M’s international relations strategy, there is a pressing need for further internationalization of the college, ensuring that IBC-M evolves as an organization replicating best practices and approaches worldwide. JMU and IBC-M have explored various cooperation modalities to penetrate the US market through joint calls for proposals as part of this expansion.

IBC-M expresses deep gratitude to James Madison University for its unwavering support and willingness to strengthen this collaboration over the years.