IBC-M was pleased to host incoming lecturer Miloud Yousfi from University College Denmark (UCL, https://www.ucl.dk/). This visit was enabled through the ERASMUS+ teacher exchange program. A traditional partnership between IBC-M and UCL started in 2010 and has been enriched with new business models over the years.

It was a privilege for me to visit IBC-M once again in Mitrovica. The aim of the visit was to kick-start further collaboration between IBCM and UCL. We have a rich history together and share the ambition to give our students a solid platform to work in a globalized world. Our collaboration will allow student and staff exchange and enhance the knowledge sharing vital for academic excellence.  Thank you so much for hosting and for always greeting us with open arms.”

Miloud Yousfi, Lecturer and International Coordinator, UCL Denmark.