On 14 June 2018, IBCM was delighted to host a group of 20 students and their professors from Amsterdam University College, Netherlands. The AUC delegation spent an afternoon at IBCM Riverview Campus, a visit this that took place under a short field-trip in Kosovo.

The AUC students were welcomed by our Director Assistant Ms. Mirjana Krsmanovic and our Marketing Officer, Mr. Dan Qarkaj. At the brief presentation, the students had the chance to learn a learn more about IBCM, the study programmes, student life, challenges and opportunities.

After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to ask questions directly to Ms. Krsmanovic and Mr. Qarkaj. The AUC students were highly enthusiastic to learn more about IBCM and life in Mitrovica in general. They asked many questions, such as ”Is the IBCM tuition fee affordable for all?””Why do students choose IBCM?” or ”What do the alumni do after graduation?”, ”What are the plans of the College for the future?” etc.

After the presentation and the questions and answers, the AUC students had some free time to interact with IBCM students, and learn more about their experience here at IBCM and in Mitrovica. For both the groups the interaction time was very interesting and fun, since the students had the chance to share their experiences, stories, different thoughts and perspective on a wide range of topics regarding the life of youth in Kosovo. Most of the AUC students noted that they’re impressed with IBCM as an institution and truly inspired by it’s mission to bring high quality education at an affordable rate for all communities in Kosovo.

This is the third time that IBCM is hosting student groups from Amsterdam University College. We would like to thank the visiting students for their attentiveness and their interesting questions during our presentation, and the organizers for choosing to visit IBCM.  We look forward to hosting groups from this distinguished University in the future.