More than 30 IBC-M students cleaned and tended to Mitrovica’s city park as part of IBC-M’s Earth Day Celebration.

Students at the International Business College Mitrovica cleaned and planted flowers for Earth Day in the city park on April 25th, 2019. Afterwards, students, alumni, and community members watched the documentary “Before the Flood” to learn more about the impact of climate change.

Following the documentary, attendees discussed environmentally friendly actions everyone can put into practice. Student organizer Ardita Xhemajli explained, “The whole idea for this event was created by IBC-M students and fully supported by IBC-M staff. We first cleaned up the area and then planted around 500 different kinds of flowers. We are giving our contribution to the Earth and our community.” Another student organizer, Gresa Ferri, said, “Earth Day has become an annual call to protect and consider the welfare of our planet.” IBC-M Director Mihone Kerolli congratulated the students on a successful event and said, “Kosovo society needs more awareness events to tackle environmental problems and the youth that are living here are the ones that can change the environment.

We are preparing our students to be the leaders in the environmental sphere. The event today is one indicator that our students at IBC-M care about the environment and the society in which they live. Through this activity, we are raising awareness in Mitrovica that we should take care of the Earth because we are sharing it with everyone. This is our joint home.” Mitrovica’s Deputy Mayor Faruk Mujka attended the park clean-up event and proudly shared, “Mitrovica is lucky to have, in the near future, experts from IBC-M’s Environmental and Agricultural Management department. We are waiting for IBC-M students’ impact and contributions toward solving environmental issues. Moreover, Mitrovica should be an example of environmental change in Kosovo.” At the end of the event, IBC-M Professor Jelena Djokic led an interactive discussion about the documentary “Before the Flood.” Community members, alumni, students, and future students shared their ideas about how Mitrovica and Kosovo can take better care of the Earth.

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