Students at IBC-M have a lot of college resources to take advantage of. Bardha Ibishi, a young entrepreneur, chose Marketing and Management programme to learn and see from day one, what it’s really like to run a business.

She has now won a grant from RDA North and has established her start-up named WikiOn, a marketing agency.To learn more about her beginning and her journey as a whole, we conducted a short interview with her.

How did you become part of the RDA North competition to win a grant?

Bardha: I currently am a 5th semester student at IBC-M. In February 2018, some IBC-M students (including me), were sent to a training held by RDA North in cooperation with ”The ministry of regional development”, with the topic ”How to fill apply for a grant”. The session lasted for a day, and immediately after the sessions I filled the application form, with an idea for a start-up business that I had for a long time. After three months, the results came out and I found that my idea was one of the businesses that would be supported.

What’s your business about, and where were you inspired to start such a business?

Bardha: My business is a marketing agency that deals with branding, promotions and digital marketing. I’ve had this idea since a long time ago. I’ve been inspired from many success stories we heard from our professors at IBC-M, and I’ve always wanted to create something where I would be able to show my skills and abilities.

Do you believe that IBC-M has prepared you to successfully run a business?

Bardha: The reason why I decided to study at IBC-M was its system of teaching and the opportunities it gives to its students. After all, IBCM motto is ”From theory to practice”. So, I think that I’ve gained skills that will guide me into the business world. I would also use this chance to publicly thank all my professors at IBC-M for their commitment and all the valuable things they taught me.

What’s your advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Bardha: At the end, from my experience, I would advice all the people that have an idea on their minds but are too afraid to show to the world, to take courage, take risks, and work really hard to make it happen. The world needs everyone’s input, but mostly people who dream and dare.

We at IBC-M would like to thank Bardha for sharing her story and wish her the world’s success for her new business!