On 16 November 2023 a group of enthusiastic students from IBC-M, guided by Professor Afete Musliu from the Environmental and Agricultural Management (EAM) department, conducted an educational visit to the Regional Water Company in Mitrovica.

This visit was a significant opportunity for students to gain practical insights into water management processes and systems.


The IBC-M EAM group first visited the company’s laboratory, an important facility where the quality of water undergoes rigorous testing, offering students an opportunity to get acquainted with testing methodologies and equipment, along with having a

firsthand look at the critical role laboratories play in ensuring water safety and quality.

Following the lab visit, the IBC-M group proceeded to the Control Room, where they witnessed how the control system operates in real-time. This part of the visit was important for students to understand how modern technology and software are employed to monitor and manage water distribution.

The third part of the visit was when the director of the Regional Water Company, Mr Bahri Hamza, personally guided the students through the filtration systems facilities, giving them a unique opportunity to understand the processes involved in water

purification and distribution. This practical exposure was essential for students, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

As the visit concluded, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the director of the Regional Water Company in Mitrovica, Mr. Bahri Hamza, for their cooperation and support in making this professional visit.