IBC-M has signed a grant agreement with UNDP “Healthier Kosovo”. The project will be implemented under the T2P Center by IBC-M’s Environmental and Agricultural Management Department students and lecturers. IBC-M will implement the project in the Mitrovica region. The main objective is to provide practical activities including access to information, watchdogging and participation in the decision-making processes related to environment and health, such as advocacy and lobbying.

Activities will include the formation of forums with relevant stakeholders to propose solutions to the main environmental challenges Mitrovica faces. The project will be supported by research activities communicated to the stakeholders through an online platform, as well as supported by social media and relevant meetings.

Expected results include community mobilization and public participation on environmental issues and decision-making processes, engagement of CSOs on advocacy and lobbying on the rights to live in a healthy and cleaner environment, increased awareness of negative impacts of air pollution on health, creation of the platform open for Municipality, CSOs, and public to monitor the results of the research related to the environment in Mitrovica and Kosovo overall.