Day 1&2

Three professors and an assistant from University College Lillebaelt (UCL) of Denmark graced International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) with their presence.
Today’s topic was Green energy in Denmark and Kosovo. The professors talked about Denmark, specifically Danish sustainable agriculture and renewable energy sources, higher education institutions and their degrees.
Additionally, UCL professors expressed their desire for IBC-M students and Danish students to interact and get to know each other through exchange programmes. Our students will have the opportunity to go to Denmark, where they will attend the lectures, go in excursions and sight-seeing, and develop team-work spirit; and vice versa. Hence, both parties can share their perspectives, learn new information and grow academically and personally. Because of this, a quote from one of the beloved professors derived, who said that two plus two gives more than four.
Our students and the professors productively interacted with one another. They worked in workshops and brainstormed. By choosing a particular renewable energy source they discussed and came up with advantages, disadvantages and problem-solving strategies.
These lecture and the upcoming ones are very valuable and beneficial, not only for our students but also for IBC-M’s future.

Day 3

IBC-M was happy to welcome today the Chief Assistant Professor Iliya Kereziev from the University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria to hold a lecture for our students in the Riverview Campus. Professor Iliya talked about Marketing blocks, values, and segments.

Our students were enthusiastic to be lectured from him, receive knowledge and interact with him.

Day 4

Today’s lecture was held by Diana Kopeva, who works in University of National World and Economy at the Department of Economics of Natural Resources. The presentation took place in the Riverside Campus of IBC-M.
Mrs. Kopeva explained to our interested students about European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) and its indicators.
It was a pleasure to have Mrs. Kopeva as our lecturer this week.

Day 5

A captivating lecture took place today in IBC-M’s Riverside campus about Sustainable Development. Two charismatic professors from Vilanius Kolegija, Business Management Department, described Sustainable Development as a future business strategy. They gave examples of different companies and strategies, by pointing out the importance of technology and market needs in Sustainable Development.

Additionally, the professor gave our students an insight into Vilanius Kolegija; its study programme, opportunities, and student life.

Day 6

Continuing with the saga of guest lectures, today in our Riverview campus the Lithuanian professors activated our students by doing some morning gymnastics. Afterward, they went on with workshops about Sustainable Development. Students were given different cases where they had to find the best sustainable solution.
Today’s lecture was very entertaining and informing.